winter weaving

February 19, 2013

This weekend, Oliver and I headed to Marnie’s for a foraging expedition. Our objective was to collect whatever we found and weave it.

We set out without any real preconceived notions of what we were looking for or what we wanted the outcome to be. Instead it was an extemporaneous exercise, designed to get us out into nature and experiment with our findings. The results were secondary. This time, it was the process that was important.

Olie and Marnie take cuttings

A Cape house with orange door

seed pods

an “L”

black-eyed-susans past

a winter path

Marnie displays some of our finds

pause for a tree climb

Marnie with our gatherings

a visitor at the door

while Marnie makes tea…

a heart on the door

a makeshift loom


Marnie demonstrates

Olie tries his hand

meanwhile Mom makes a wreath from honeysuckle

my wreath in detail

Marnie and Oliver’s woven work

the weaving in detail

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