wire works by masao seki

February 24, 2012

Just in case you didn’t notice them yesterday, I wanted to highlight the breathtaking Wire Works of Masao Seki. Available at FIVE FROM THE GROUND, Seki’s pieces are a beguiling mix of quiet grace and expressive vitality. For, despite their delicate construction, their is much movement in Seki’s work.

Reminiscent of Dutch landscapes, the distance spires and towers of Seki’s 3-D towns seem to fad into the mist. His flowers, though dainty and lovely, seem almost animalian – ready to scamper away on their leaf/legs. Likewise, his plucky plane, only momentarily alight, possesses the spirit of a dragon fly. Seki’s hooks and hangers however, appear a bit more grounded, as if they are aware of their more important, practical applications.

Perhaps it is Seki’s gift for letting character dictate form that lends such personality and whimsy to his work. Though minimal in frame, his pieces are large in life.

All photos copyright FIVE FROM THE GROUND.

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