xmas in production, part 1

December 12, 2012

As anyone with children knows, being a parent is harder than we thought it would be. But every once in a while, your pre-kid fantasies really do come true.

Like yesterday when, with the holiday deadlines close on my heels, I turned “Mom adventure day” into “holiday DIY day.” Resurrecting a project that my Mom used to do with me, we crafted handmade wrapping paper with potato stamps, as well as holiday cards (tune in tomorrow for that).

The ultimate sensory experience, almost nothing is more fun for kids than to haphazardly slam (in the case of my son) a potato back and forth from paint to paper. And I find that the more random they are, the better the results. But most importantly, it was nice to be able to pass on a favorite project from my own childhood (and yes, all while accomplishing some much-needed holiday chores).

Easy, economical and fun, all you need is potatoes, paint, and long length of kraft paper. I just carved these freehand. Precision is NOT the name of the game here.

Solvi applies a more steady hand.

Olie stamps away.

Keeping it simple, I just used star and triangle stampsĀ as well as gold and silver paint.

The results, drying in the afternoon sun.

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